Hard Wax


Low temperature hard and soft waxes designed for specific areas and hair types for both men and women.

Waxing Etiquette & Tips

  • Please be clean

  • Don't be under the influence..it encourages bleeding and lowers your resistance to pain.

  • You tend to be more sensitive right before your period

  • If you have your period, use a fresh tampon before your service 

  • Try the at home Se Brasil personal and body bars to maintain ph levels of the skin and your waxing will go smoothly

  • No waxing if you are using retinoids or oral acne medications

  • Ingrown Hair Treatment Available $10+ 

Abdominal Wax: 18+

Arm Wax: 55+

Back or Chest Wax: 60

Back and Chest: 100

Bikini Wax: 30+

Brazilian: 60+

Buttox: 50+

Cheeks: 25+

Eyebrow Wax : 25+

French Wax: 50+ 

Full Body: 300 

Full Face: 90

Legs Wax: 95+

Lip or Chin Wax: 25+ 

Neck: 25+

Underarm Wax: 30