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What Makes DMK Special?

A DMK skin professional uses a blend of successful aesthetics techniques based on a natural healing approach using various modalities and botanical chemistry.

DMK Enzyme Facial Treatment

While cosmetic treatments work topically on the top of the skin, paramedical DMK treatments address skin on an internal cellular level to improve it's functionality.

The focus of DMK's method of natural pharmacology is to improve the appearance, performance and function of skin by using the most effective formulations made from highly refined combinations of botanical and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Here’s how DMK does it:

Botanical- plant grades vary in quality. An extract alone is not enough. DMK research teams invest significant resources in extracting the highest possible grade of ingredients, from a wide variety of plants found around the world.

Pharmaceutical- DMK formulations are pharmaceutical grade, containing a more concentrated ratio of active ingredients to base ingredients. Most cosmetic companies lack the active ingredients required to instigate real and lasting change within the skin.

Effective Professional Principles- All treatments are designed to compliment the body's chemistry because the body reacts in a positive manner to chemistry it recognizes. DMK works with the skin rather than just on it.

DMK's Strong, Lasting Concept- Using the principles of of biochemistry, DMK has formulated a range of treatments and products that re-educate the skin. Learn more about the DMK Concept DMK paramedical therapy works on the structure and function of the skin.

DMK Enzyme Facial Treatment

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