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7 COVID-19 Pandemic Necessities

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More than ever we are concerned about staying healthy and hygienic. Constantly washing our hands, using hand sanitizer and buying every vitamin we can to keep up our immune system.

As we try to navigate these viral infected waters, there are a few more informed choices we can make for ourselves.

7 DMK Immune Boosting Power Pack Products

1. EFA Ultra

2. Milky Clean & Pure

3. Acu-mist

4. Enbioment™ Products

5. Betagel Serum

6. Betagen

7. Acu-Creme

What are EFA's and why do we need them?

Essential Fatty Acids are required for the structure of all membranes in our body. They maintain the skin's barrier, regulate hormones, boost the body's immune system, and promote healthy tissue repair.

However, our own bodies can not produce EFAs. Therefore, we must obtain them from an outside source.

Not all Efa's are created equal though. Some make great claims but cut a lot of corners, using less expensive herbal powders instead of more effective extracts or herbs that have not been standardized. Binders and fillers are added in such amounts that effect the way the product dissolves into your body and is absorbed.


DMK EFA Ultra supplements are a powerful group of essential fatty acids 3, 6, 7 and 9 derived from Evening Primrose and Seabuckthorn Oil, providing over 190 nutrients and bioactive substances.

DMK EFA + supplement is the answer to internally supporting and boosting our immune system. The 3 simple active ingredients in this formula are dynamic, concentrated, nutrient-dense, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and essential components to our bodies cellular health, repair and defense systems. Seabuckthorn seed, evening primrose, oil, and vitamin E combine to create this synergistic blend of over 190 micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids. Together the help restore hydration in the tissues, create healthy cell membranes for increased cellular activity, rebuild and repair damaged tissue, reduce inflammatory cascades, help regulate and balance hormones, and support the body's antioxidant and immune system.

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With the extra need for diligence and protection to safeguard our health currently, we have seen a massive increase in hand washing and the use of barrier-disrupting cleansing and antimicrobial products. The overuse of these alc

ohol-based sanitizers and harsh surfactants can eventually lead to dry hands that create the perfect entryway for the viruses and pathogens we are trying to avoid. Milky Clean & Pure is a perfect cleanser to use that will help repair and nourish your hands without stripping the skin of its natural barrier protection and defense system. Viruses are also vulnerable to lip so the lipid base of this creamy cleanser is a perfect way to enhance the elimination of viruses and other bacteria while washing your hands. This formula also contains soothing botanicals to help repair and nourish, a mild, yet effective surfactant to cleanse and remove dirt and debris, and a powerful antimicrobial preservative blend of botanicals that also boost and protect your skin from the COVID-19 virus.

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This powerful skin mist effectively killed 98% of bacteria within seconds and measured a 100% success rate in one hour. It contains a concentrated blend of botanicals that Danné developed called Botanichem. He feels that Acu Mist is the perfect complement and support to use for everyone right now, as not many pathogens would be able to survive its potency, considering COVID-19 is destroyed by common bleach or 60% ethanol. Acu Mist is recommended for everyone and can be used several times a day. This could be particularly beneficial for individuals that find it hard not to touch their faces. This mist can also be used on hands and on any part of the body. In addition to Botanichem, Acu Mist contains soothing, hydrating, mineral and vitamin-rich aloe, detoxifying alginic acid from seaweed, and the antioxidant powers of orange peel.

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Enbioment™ Collection

The Enbioment™ range of products (cleanser, mist, and serum) will help maintain the skin’s immune response. A diverse and healthy balanced microbiome, both inside and out, is one of the best defenses our body has against a new or fore viral or microbial invasion. Enbioment creates an invisible network on the skin to support the balance and proliferation of healthy bacteria. This is particularly important for clients who have compromised skin, including eczema or psoriasis.

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Beta Gel has immune cells supporting beta-glucan as a critical ingredient but also has the antioxidant powers of vitamins C, E, and turmeric. Safflower oil in Beta Gel is rich in vitamin A and contains essential fatty acids for cellular membrane health and moisture retention capability. Peptides Beta Gel will also help strengthen and support collagen production, reduce inflammation, and replenish the skin’s matrix. Beta Gel Serum should be in everyone’s arsenal to support the skin’s defense mechanisms and enhance immunity and be used under any other DMK Home Prescriptive Nourishing Cream.

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Danné formulated Betagen Cream years ago using powerful beta-glucan from Norway. This was used in the fishing industry and throughout the military. The Beta Gel Serum came later for acne skins and as a booster under Betagen Cream. Together, they are a powerful immune-boosting combo for the skin.

Betagen is our go-to “emergency cream” for stressed and reactive skins that need a cushion, support, strengthening, a revitalization from environmental stressors and trauma. Like the Beta Gel Serum, Betagen Cream also contains the immune-boosting properties from beta-glucan. It also has vitamin and fatty acid-rich pumpkin seed oil, the reparative antioxidant power of vitamin A in safflower oil and retinyl palmitate, chamomile to reduce inflammation and redness, shea butter to facilitate healing, restore hydration and lock-in moisture, as well as for its anti-inflammatory capability, and peptides to protect the structures, collagen renewal and to stimulate and support a healthy robust matrix. Questions or need to order with free shipping? click here


In lieu of Betagen Cream, and for those experiencing acne breakouts, the combination of Beta Gel and Acu Crème would be the best options to support, heal, and protect the skin. Acu Crème is deeply replenishing, high in antioxidants, amino minerals, and essential fatty acids the skin cells need to rebuild, reduce inflammation, repair, and restore a healthy balance, which in turn, helps resolve congestion and breakouts. It is a microbiome-friendly formula, with a natural preservative blend that is antiviral, antibacterial and can help support the skin’s defenses against microbial exposure. Questions or need to order with free shipping? click here

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